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Disaster strikes Grignano!

Posted in Reportage on June 24, 2009 by whatsons

The recent Sl grid failure has brought Disastrous peril upon Grignano.  The well known Peace Arch has suffered major damage.  The problem seems to lie not only with Grignano but with Cowell as well.  Please note to the NA forums as Salazar is writing up a description of the disaster.


The Peace arch after the disaster


Nova Albion Infohub meeting

Posted in Reportage on June 8, 2009 by whatsons

The meeting at Cafe Jack was attended by all the regulars to these events and enough new faces to get a good discussion under way. Salazar Jack opened the meeting with a brief history of the area and the infohub before opening the meeting for ideas and input. After the meeting, the discussion moved on to talk about Nova Albion in general. Later, LisaHot Juran sent out a group notice thanking everyone for their input and pointed out that the discussion continues in the Nova Albion Forum ( where the actual transcript of the meeting can be seen.


The meeting at Cafe Jack