About Whatson’s

Welcome to Whatson’s what’s on, a supplement to the virtual world news kiosk based in Second Life. Whatson’s groups together inworld magazines, informative guides and news of upcoming events. The kiosk is situated in historic Nova Albion directly in front of the Miramare Civic Building and is a part of the Nova Albion Help Centre project. Visit Whatson’s inworld at http://slurl.com/secondlife/miramare/153/145/27/ to obtain your magazines or browse information. You are also welcome to contact Collie Lindman should you have any suggestions for other magazines you would like to see available at the kiosk.

The Whatson's kiosk in Miramare

The Whatson's kiosk in Miramare


3 Responses to “About Whatson’s”

  1. LisaHot juran Says:

    That is a nice pic! The idea here is wonderful and a great addition!

  2. Collie Lindman Says:

    Thanks Lisa. You made it possible!

  3. Collie Lindman Says:

    Whatson’s has moved closer to the the miramare hub. It’s new location is http://slurl.com/secondlife/miramare/59/49/29/

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